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The ArchiveSearchOptions type contains options for searching for entries in an Archive.



Property Type Description
matchName string Search for entries with names matching this string. Can contain * or ? wildcards, eg. D_*. Ignored if empty
matchType EntryType Search for entries of this type. Ignored if nil
matchNamespace string Search for entries only within this namespace. Ignored if empty
dir ArchiveDir Search for entries only within this dir. If nil, the root directory of the archive is searched
ignoreExt boolean If true, the extension of the entry name is ignored when checking for a match with matchName
searchSubdirs boolean If true, subdirectories within dir will also be searched recursively


Creates a new ArchiveSearchOptions with the following default values:

  • matchName, matchNamespace as empty strings
  • matchType, dir as nil
  • ignoreExt true
  • searchSubdirs false